Monday, 30 May 2016

                               Euston Park May 21st/22nd 2016
      Returning after a gap of 7 years we where welcomed by the Estate and think the week end was very successful. We had 38 entries and the weather was kind. the stable field worked well and hopefully if we return next year we will make a few changes. Many thanks to Harry Luff one of our TD's who designed the course and obstacles. And for Malcolm Aickin and his wife Catherine who gave us such support and help over the weekend. Malcolm designed the cones and helped put out the dressage arenas. This year we used an old obstacle and the Pine copse but harry seemed to think if we go back we will try and make the obstacles nearer as this is more appealing for spectators and easier to walk and steward.
    The Park was very busy with events leading up to the Endurance event being held the following week end, we also had a football practice we where unaware of. Hopefully next year we will be more aware and plan the route with all this in mind. I think we will all agree it is a lovely setting and there is masses of sandy tracks for marathons an incentive for all drivers to get their ponies fit for next years event.