Thursday, 19 February 2015

2015 schedules now available

The 2015 schedules are now on the events page so please join up now and enter events and training.  Some events and training get busy, so please enter early to avoid disappointment.
This year's rules are little changed from last year - biggest change is that the marathon scores - obstacles and time penalties are now seconds times 0.25 instead of x 0.2, so the marathon counts 25% more than it used to.
At national events, body protectors are compulsory for drivers and grooms on the marathon - and may be for club events in 2016 (Note - they already are for juniors.).
Ashfields now requires mats to protect the grass.
Our club championships in September is a three day event.  More time, more fun.
The Eacdg National Novice qualifier will be at the Ashfields spring event - the Novice Qualifier at our June Sandringham event has moved across to the Sandringham national event that runs at the same time.
Learn more about judging, course design or running events - still time to sign up to the BC courses for clubs - see