Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Blandings one day event was a great success!

Blanding one day event on the 14th June was a great success, as usual we had a very warm welcome from Louise, and the ground was as beautifully presented as ever.

Emma, Red and I went up on the Saturday teatime in the drizzly rain, a few other brave souls were already there and it wasn't long before Alf and Sue Budd were on site along with Striker! At least it wasn't cold and the air was still making for a misty dampness. My first time in the open horse and I hadn't driven my test, so we had an interesting practise in the arena, ensuring that every time I rolled over in the night that I again went through my test mentally yet again!

The 3 obstacles, to be driven twice, had been changed a little  since I last did them, and looked to be more open and flowing, great to get a look at them the night before, more chance for me to remember them!
A look at the cones, as again my first time driving the Blandings 4 minute cones,  a great idea that had me a little confused when I first saw them. For those that weren't there we had to drive the cones for 4 minutes and complete as many as we could including a slalom, to be driven twice and 2 other compulsory cones that were the narrow width, the Blandings bridge was also part of the course and could be taken as often as liked!

The morning again dawned a misty wet start but soon dried up and though it stayed cloudy we were dry and the horses didn't get too hot! Most people arrived Sunday morning bright and early and it was great to see the secure lorry field fill up.

The dressage arena's ran on time and the going was good, the land at Blandings is so good in all weathers. I managed to complete my dressage test without going wrong, a small miracle! The cones straight after I really enjoyed, it was great for my horse not to have the big finish he was waiting for, the session finished with the 4 minute whistle. It was such fun to pick my way round and I managed to go over the bridge a few times too. I heard most people laughing as they left the arena, a great sign that the format works well! In fact the whole day was full of happy smiling faces, I felt really privileged to be part of the event.
The marathon, section B only was not timed, only the obstacles, a great introduction to outdoor events for those that may have only ventured indoors so far. I also enjoyed concentrating on the obstacles and having 2 goes at each one, was so good for training me!

Blandings again
The next event is the 2 day in July 18th and 19th, but before then Louise is looking for a little help to prepare the venue, in return you are welcome to take your horse along for some practise afterwards, so a great opportunity for us all. The weekends of June 20/21st and July 11/12th any time would be a help please? Do ring Louise 0774 3932 907 if you would like to know more about what is required.

If anyone would like to contribute their story to the blog please do send it to me?

I look forward to seeing you all at Sandringham!