Monday 1 January 2024

RIP Evelyn Radnai, Event to Event Photography

It is with deep sadness that we learned our great friend photographer Evelyn Radnai lost her battle with cancer on 17th January in West Suffolk Hospital.

A team of her friends supported her final days as she had no family in the UK. Liz Harcombe was close to Evelyn for many years. "She loved sharing in our sport and meeting all the people involved. I have benefitted from her calm life wisdom many times. She was such a talent behind the lens after an incredible and intrepid life which she left with her inimitable no fuss approach."

Whatever the weather, Evelyn would be there at driving events, indoors and out. She was a professional perfectionist with a unique eye for capturing the best shots. She made her equine subjects look magical, as though they might leap out of the photo at any moment. She was generous and dedicated, knew exactly where she wanted to take the best photographs from - and was always right. Her remarkable photos were always in demand for Carriage Driving magazine and were invaluable in promoting the sport in the press and online. She was a firm friend to many in the driving world and has left countless golden memories of horses and friends in her brilliant beautiful photographs. FP

Thursday 19 October 2023

AGM Saturday, 21st October at Ashfields at 6.30pm

 Can we take this opportunity to thank you for your support this year, we hope you have had an enjoyable season.

This is just a reminder that our AGM is this coming Saturday, 21st October at Ashfields at 6.30pm, as usual we will discuss any issues that you may have and any thoughts or input you may have regarding next season, you can bring these up at the AOB section of the meeting or feel free to email them to us as soon as possible to enable us to investigate a response.

We are pleased to announce that we already have our dates for 2024 and will be releasing them at the meeting.

We also take this opportunity to say that as always we are always grateful of any help for next season whether as part of the organising committee or a supporter during the events, again, please email us for further details or simply let us know during the meeting, even a little help eases the pressure and allows the events to run smoothly.

Whilst we are mentioning committee we are pleased to inform you that due to changes in circumstances the vast majority of the 2023 committee have agreed to stand for a further year in office.  

Best Regards

East Anglian Carriage Driving Group Committee

Monday 5 June 2023

Club committe - important news


Dear Club Members,

I am writing to inform you that I, as Chairman and, the undersigned members of the Committee of the East Anglian Carriage Driving Group hereby tender our resignations from our respective positions. After careful consideration and discussions among ourselves, we have reached this decision due to personal commitments and shifting priorities within our lives and as such we are unable to continue fulfilling our responsibilities to the best of our abilities.

We understand the possible challenges that lie ahead for the club following our resignations, and we have the utmost confidence in the resilience of the membership to overcome these hurdles, we strongly encourage you to come together, support the club, and actively participate in its activities and decision-making processes.

In compliance with the club's bylaws, our resignations will take effect from October 21st, 2023, at the AGM to be held at Ashfields, until that time we will continue to support the clubs events calendar for the remainder of the 2023 season, we are also committed to ensuring a smooth transition and will provide necessary assistance to the interim committee or individuals stepping up to fill the vacant positions.

We leave with the hope that the East Anglian Carriage Driving Group will continue to flourish and are inviting any members that are interested in taking up these positions to contact us as soon as possible to discuss options for the future.

Best regards,

Malcolm Brown – Chairman

Georgette Hogben – Secretary

Lyn Spurgeon – Treasurer

Lyn Price – Safety Officer

Heather Brown – Committee Member

Richard Spurgeon – Committee Member

Wednesday 25 January 2023

Eacdg AGM 19 Feb 2023


The EACDG AGM is on Sunday, 19 February, at 4pm - the perfect time for tea and cake.

Please come along to meet us, find out our plans for the 2023 season and recent news about our sport.

***News: more opportunities for small ponies!

If you are a member or want to become a member; if you want to volunteer as a helper, judge or writer for dressage, obstacle or cones arena steward, score collector, or anything else (a great way to learn about our sport) - or if you are new to driving and want to find out more, do come along. Everyone is welcome!


Ashfields Country kitchen, CM6 1JU

Tuesday 2 November 2021



Dear Member/Supporter.

Our AGM for 2021 will be held at Ashfields Carriage and Polo Centre, Great Canfield, Essex CM61JU. On Friday 26th November, 6.30 for 7.00pm start.

We will start at 7.00pm sharp, There will be food supplied once finished (please let us know if you require a veggie option)

If you have any questions to put to the committee can you please email them to us to enable us ample time to prepare a response for you? this will also allow the meeting to run smoothly.

Two committee members are standing down this year, one of whom is Lorna, our wonderful secretary, while we have plans in place to distribute and manage the secretarial work for next year we are interested in speaking to anyone who may wish to join the committee for 2022 or people who are willing to help support the committee throughout the year, even if not at every event. Ideally we would also love one or two members who are interested in either training as a club TD or an assistant course designer, both would be most welcome. EACDG is privileged to be able to offer first class training in both of these areas of our sport. Whatever you can offer at whatever level, from occasional helper to committee member please reply to this email and one of our committee will contact you and discuss the possible options.

In order for us to gauge the amount of food to supply can you please reply to this email with your intentions to attend or not?

We look forward to catching up again soon.

Monday 30 August 2021

September Event 2021 @ Ashfields


For the upcoming event planned for the weekend of 4th 5th September we will as usual be running a whatsapp page to keep you up to date with the times etc. To join please click on this link

We will not start posting times etc on the whatsapp page until Thursday as this will allow you all to join, if we post before this and you haven't joined you will not get to see what we have posted.

Your drivers numbers will be sent soon, please print these off and bring them with you.

Your other paperwork (times, cones and obstacle drawings etc) we will issue to you on Friday or Saturday as we were before Covid.

We will also put any relevant information on the noticeboard.

Unfortunately this event will be run a little different, this has been brought about by several reasons, we cannot gain access to Ashfields until Friday afternoon to start setting up (normally done a week in advance) and we are struggling with help to set up, also we have had numerous requests from drivers to share grooms, carriages etc, we have also had requests from drivers for late start times and then we have had a little difficulty getting judges and stewards, this obviously puts extreme pressure on us to try and accommodate everything and as such we ask that you bear with us to allow this to happen.

We aim to run dressage and cones on Saturday as normal, we ask that once you have finished your dressage you proceed immediately to cones to allow us to keep to our schedule. Marathon will be on Sunday and will be section B only, three obstacles driven twice with a distance of approximately 5400m.

There is a Coaching Club event running on Thursday and Friday, this means that anyone turning up on Friday will not be alone in the horsebox field, Zoe has asked us to inform you that for those of you who have booked stables these will not be available until 4.00pm, again, please bear with us.

Please remember to bring a little gift to donate to our stewards, a little thought that goes a long way.

We look forward to welcoming you to our last event of the season.

Friday 20 August 2021

September 4/5th Event


Hi Everybody,

Entries for our last event on the 4/5th September close on Wednesday 25th August so please get your entries in ASAP. We are low on entries at the moment but we intend to run, this may cause us to change to either a one day event or a two day shorter format with dressage and cones and just section B marathon, then we can hopefully accommodate everyone.

Get Your Entries In Now